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We are a company formed by and standing for Americans who believe in the values and morals this country was founded upon. Our company was formed for the sole purpose of gathering, defending, and representing Americans who stand for these morals and values. We plan to raise the funding necessary to fulfill these objectives by selling American made gear and apparel. Those that proudly purchase and wear gear and apparel purchased here will be contributing to this mission and proudly expressing their freedom of speech based on those morals, standards, and values that made America worth defending. They are unafraid to challenge the status quo and embrace their freedom of expression. By wearing American Asshole apparel and accessories, they boldly declare their love for their country and their unwavering belief in the values it stands for. They are proud to be part of a movement that celebrates the essence of being American, unapologetically and without compromise.


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Back Bone

Those who built America did it with a Backbone.

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Back Off

Back Off, you might get some America on you

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Hawaiian Pizza is a good side for thanksgiving dinner

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